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Branding - Moonflower Farms

Recent USDA studies have shown that microgreens' nutrient content is concentrated, which means that they contain 40% higher vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant levels than the same quantity of mature greens. So eating just a handful of microgreens can give the nutrition of a full salad!

Since microgreens are getting more popular, Moonflower Farms created a microgreen growing kit and hired me to make the packaging design for it. It was a brand new product entering the market and the timeframe they gave me to get it done was 4 days. 

I was so grateful to be involved in a project that will improve the health of its consumers.



Branding and Packaging Design.

Federico Marques - Moonflower Farms.


Option A - Minimalist & Delicate

This design is what people expect to see in a farmers market, a simple, fresh, and light design. Watercolor illustrations and cursive writing were key to achieve the desired look.

Asset 1.png
Asset 11.png


A sleeve was needed to secure the lid and tray. Since it was going to cover the middle of the design I decided to make it part of it. Once the sleeve was removed a new illustration or part of the picture was uncovered.

Asset 17.png
Asset 10.png
Asset 20.png
Asset 13.png
Asset 19.png
Asset 15.png

Surprise Factor

Small details that make the difference.

Option B - Bold

The client liked the label I did for One Bite and asked for a design inspired by it.

That is why this option has a black background, images, and bold colors.  


More than a label

To reduce waste and add value to a label that people usually throw away, I decided to include recipes for people to keep, while showing different ways

microgreens can be applied to meals.

Micro Arugula no sleeve.jpg
Micro Wheat Grass no sleeve.jpg
Micro radish no sleeve.jpg
Sleeve P.png
Sleeve B.png
Sleeve O.png

Moonflower Farms

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