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A roadside assistance app that connects people with car problems with people nearby who can help. It is an affordable, safe, and nearly instantaneous service that generates jobs and safety for all.

No Insurance

No Membership

No Long Waits

AutoFix® - Roadside Assistance App

Car breakdowns are happening more than ever. In the United States alone

there are approximately 7 tire punctures every second, resulting in 220 million flat tires per year. According to a study made by NBC in 2016, 60% of people in the US can't change a tire. That leaves 132 million people per year with flat tires that don’t know how to change them.


Although the American Automobile Association (AAA) rescued a record 32 million drivers in 2015 with battery and flat tire problems, this represents only a fraction of the 132 million in need of roadside assistance.

AutoFix is the answer to the great demand that is currently in the market for affordable, fast, reliable roadside assistance services that don’t require people to have insurance or commit to a membership.


Idea Generation, Research,

Graphic Design, & UI/UX.

Partner: Nicholas Orchard

www.Flyer  copy.png
Asset 5.png

Simplified UI/UX

iPhone Mock-Up 01.png

User requesting service

Help & Jobs at your finger tips

The Future of Roadside Assistance

  • Car problems never happen at a good time, that’s why AutoFix can help 24/7.

  • The app connects the user with the closest Helper and gives vehicle and contact information to ensure safety.

  • Safety is the #1 priority, reason why a third-party company performs background checks on all helpers every 6 months.

  • It is a great way to earn money during free time or while driving.

iPhone Mock-Up 01-helper2.png

Helper accepting request

Two functions = give and receive help

The user can easily sign up to be a helper and the helper can always request help if needed.

Screens Helper.jpg

All helpers have Background Checks  done every 6 months


Turn on/off when available to start helping!


Only two main services that require minimal equipment


Signing in as a Helper


Profile shows ratings, reviews, personal information, and earnings


Please watch video to see how it works

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