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Credit Guard - Banking App for Teens

The most common issue found through interviews and research was the fact that most teens and young adults forgot about their debt when acknowledging how much money they had available to spend, having a false idea of their financial reality.

Since each credit card has an independent app, it is hard for them to keep track of their credit purchases/debt. 

Credit Guard solves this issue by visually portraying the disposable income available, from which purchases made with credit cards were deducted. 


Idea Generation, Research,

Graphic Design, & UI/UX.



Credit Guard

While using Credit Guard, Teens and Young Adults learn how personal finances, debt, credit cards, and interest rate work.

No more $urprises


Credit Guard alerts the user of how much money they'll have left after making their credit cards' minimum payments so the user can plan ahead


A calendar shows all the monthly payments that need to be made


Credit Guard creates a

plan to become debt free


All your finances in one App

Checking, Savings & Credit Cards

  • All credit cards in one place

  • Alerts when credit cards interests are being charged

  • Subtracts debt from disposable income = controls spending

  • Calendar with payments reminders

  • Budgeting to become debt free  

  • Tips and videos to learn how to manage money

  • Credit Score always displayed

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Premium Version

Credit Guard is profitable by charging for the premium version, which allows to add more than one credit card information to the app.

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