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Product Design . UI/UX . Business Development . Branding


First of all, I want to thank you for taking your time to see my work. If you saw my projects then you already know a lot about me, but let me introduce myself properly.

My name is Ashlie Walker and I am from Caracas, Venezuela. I am an Industrial Designer with a minor in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and a Certification in 
User-Centered Design specialized in User Experience / User Interaction (UI/UX). 

As you can see, I enjoy working on very different projects and areas of design. In a fast-changing world (especially now with technology), I have found that the best way to keep up and be innovative is to adapt and be flexible enough to quickly learn new topics, trends, software, and be aware of behavioral changes and upcoming needs in society by being exposed and in contact with people. 

We are living in a time where there is no "expertise" since everything is new and evolving, so adaptability has been key for my professional growth. I crave challenging projects that generate positive impact and projects that can benefit from my unique perspective and creative problem-solving.

Design has infinite possibilities and it is exciting not knowing what amazing idea can come next... so stay tuned.




Things I like... just if you're curious


11 countries down, way too many to go 


Pasta means happiness right?


Kinetic, modern art, & light installations.

James Turrell, I love you 


Chick flicks are my go to, that's why I am not allowed to pick movies


Yes, I was called a "nerd" for a reason


I started dancing Flamenco at 4 years old


Greatest source of inspiration and peace. Being outside = best plan


Being active is key for me to feel balanced. I'm not good at sports but I still try


Can't love them more, if I could I'll have 100


My life is a musical, there's always music in the background


I'm testing the theory that says that laughter helps to live longer.

120 here I come!

What do I seek?

An extraordinary life, we truly only have one.

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