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Home Girl - Pandemic Social Project    

During quarantine, I started feeling helpless "believing" I wasn't able to help better the situation. I thought only doctors and nurses could do so, until I realized that as a designer, I had the responsibility to help in a creative way, so I did.

The Pandemic changed life drastically for everyone, including kids. This is why I created the Home Girl Dolls to help parents teach their kids the importance of staying at home and wearing a mask outside when needed.

To help the most affected, portion of each purchase was donated to the Pounds of Love Foundation which is dedicated to sending food to people in need in Venezuela every week (one of the countries most affected by the Pandemic).



Idea Generation, Research, Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging, Established relationships with manufacturers in China, Managed a small team of seamstresses that made the cotton face masks, Customer Service, and Shipping.


Doll House


Plush Doll


Two matching cotton face masks

Everything is easier with a friend

Girls learned how to take care of themselves and understood the importance of following the  rules by having the responsibility of keeping their doll safe.

Packaging Design

Since we were in quarantine and couldn't leave our houses, it made sense for the doll to come inside her house. Her house came with rules, rules that had to be followed to stay healthy and safe.This doll helped little girls get through those hard times by

showing how fun it was to stay at home!

Website Design

The website was made with special detail. Every icon, animation, color choice, and picture had to follow the design language created for Home Girl. 

A beautiful minimal design for a very especial project.

Home Girl_Flyer Vzla.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 12.52.25

Flyer = House Section View

Behind the scenes

Contacting Influencers, managing orders, making donations, shipping, customer service, maintaining inventory, and even learning how to sew to help

the seamstresses with high volume.

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